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Best Payroll Software 2024

Check out the best payroll software for your business and compare the leading services to make sure you pick one that will help.

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Our top choice for the best payroll software and a good option for those who want strong customer service.

98 %


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A good choice for those who use direct deposit and other payment methods.

90 %


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The leading choice for clients who need help picking the right products and solutions.

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Intuit Quickbooks

The best choice for accounting software integration.

93 %


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The overall best payroll software for small business owners.

92 %


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FAQs About Payroll Software

What is Payroll Software?

One of the biggest questions on your mind is what your payroll software entails. This is a type of software designed for professionals to help them keep track of employees’ paychecks. In the old days, employees used an old machine to clock in and hoped that the machine would register how many hours they worked. Thanks to modern technology, it’s now easier to keep track of those hours and see the benefits that workers earn. You can use payroll software in the office to make sure that employees get their checks on time.

What Types of Payments Can the Software Process?

Payroll software can process any type of payment and make sure that employees get their money. You may want to look for one that can handle direct deposits because you automatically deposit funds into your employees’ bank accounts. Other types of software can handle paper checks that employees deposit or cash. These checks also show them how much money you took out for taxes and other information. Keep in mind that some software lacks support for onsite check printing. You will also find software that can make deposits onto payment cards.

How Much Does Payroll Software Cost?

When you buy software today, you have two options. You can buy a license that allows you to download the software and use it, but you can also buy a physical copy of the software and install it on your office computers. Payroll software works in a different way because you pay a rate based on the size of your company. You usually pay a monthly fee to use the software that can cost up to $100. The company behind the software will then charge you between $1 and $15 per worker when you use it.

Is It Suitable For All Types of Businesses?

Though payroll software is suitable for most types of businesses, you may find that some companies do not offer as much support as your business grows. It’s helpful to look for software that works with the size of your business today and the growth that you hope to see in the future. You can use this software in any type of industry, including medical work and the nonprofit field. Both corporations with 100,000+ employees and small businesses with just a handful of workers can use this software.

What Happens if You Need More Help?

Many prospective users want to know what happens if they need more help while using payroll software. We recommend that you choose a service that offers more customer support as well as 24/7 help. You never know when you might have a problem in the middle of the night and can’t wait for normal business hours the next morning. Some companies assign a dedicated agent to your account who is responsible for helping you whenever you need it. You can reach out via email or over the phone. Other companies offer help but randomly assign an agent to your case when you reach out.

Can You Process Tax Forms?

As a business owner, you must take taxes out from the wages that your employees earn. If the Internal Revenue Service finds that you didn’t pay your taxes or took too much money from your employees, you face serious issues with the federal government. One of the benefits of using payroll software is that it can automatically create tax forms for you and sends them to you at the end of the fiscal year. You’ll also find companies that help you file your corporate taxes at the end of each quarter.

How Do Payroll Services and Software Compare?

No matter where you are in your business, you need to choose between payroll services and software. Payroll services refer to companies that handle all stages of payment processing for you. You simply log in and enter the hours your employees worked and any other necessary information. The service will process the data and release funds on the schedule you prefer. You may pay workers every week or every other week along with once a month. Payroll services are often more expensive than the software is but comes with more customer support.

Do You Need to Follow a Set Schedule?

You generally follow a set schedule when it comes to paying your employees. This helps them know when their money will arrive and handle their personal expenses. With payroll software, you have the option of working outside of that schedule. Let’s say that you have an employee who agrees to work on a special project that involves spending long hours in the office. As long as you enter the data in the software, you don’t need to worry that the employee won’t get a check. You can also easily change the software to add new employees to the system.

Does Payroll Software Include a Free Trial?

You might read through our information on the best payroll software and wonder if there are any free trials. A few of the companies we looked at do offer a free trial such as ADP, which lets you use the software for one month before you face any fees. You should keep in mind that most trials require that you add a business credit card or another payment method. If you do not cancel before the end of your trial, you’re responsible for paying for the plan that you selected.

Is There Support Available for Employees?

Several of these payroll software packages include support for employees. It depends on the company, but most allow employees to set up an account and check on it through a mobile app or on the official website. This allows them to update their account information if they change banks. Employees can also change their names when they get married or divorced and change their home address. You can also arrange for HR and management to access the software. They can quickly add the new employees you hire and make sure that they get paid and keep track of overtime hours your employees work.

What are the Main Benefits of Using Payroll Software?

There are many benefits to using payroll software for your business. One big benefit is that it helps you save time. Processing your payroll can easily take a few hours or longer at the end of the week. This software allows you to spend less time on those checks. Once you enter your data and verify it, you can arrange for the software to release the funds. Payroll software can also help you save money. You don’t need to pay workers to go over timecards and reports before releasing checks or require that they spend hours looking for problems and finding solutions. It’s easy to find payroll software that fits your budget.

Another benefit of using payroll software is that it can keep you safe. Identity theft is a serious problem that can result in scam artists stealing your employees’ bank accounts and taking their money. These software packages include built-in protection against identity theft. You receive alerts when employees make changes to their accounts along with fraud prevention support. If you own a business of any size and want to save money on payroll processing, make sure that you check out the best payroll software that you can buy.

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