Called the smart bike, urban commuter, road bike, connected bike, super bike – you name it – the modern day bicycle comes with a full suite of technology designed for both rider safety and performance. From Vibration Control Systems that absorb road impact to lightweight carbon fiber frames, the smart bike of today comes equipped with intelligent design features that are meant to last. What would technology on two wheels be without seamless connectivity to other smart devices? From third party sensors (GPS, Barometer, Compass, Cadence) to intuitive operating systems, the smart bike is not just designed for transportation but engineered around reaching the rider’s personal goals. With safety always at the forefront of design innovation, the contemporary smart bike can come with laser emitting handlebars, obstacle avoidance technology, and 360-panoramic camera sensors. Whether it’s the SmaCircle, Vanhawks Valour, Lyra Mission Bike, the SpeedX Unicorn, or the LeEco Smart Road Bike, iReviews came up with the Top 5 Best Smart Bikes of 2021.