Solly Baby Wrap Review



Product Range 97%
Ease of Use 95%
Size Range 97%
Value for the Money 95%
Durability 96%
Comfort 96%

Advertising Disclosure: Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers.  Compensation,  along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.



Bottom Line

A Solly Baby wrap allows you to carry your baby with you and bond with your child every day. The wraps come in different styles and sizes for smaller babies and those who weigh up to 45 pounds.

Product Features

What is the Solly Baby Wrap?

Television shows and movies often make taking care of a baby seem easy. While fictional babies rarely cry and are almost always on their best behavior, babies in real life cry a lot. As a parent, you want to spend as much time as possible with your child, but you also have a life and things that you need to do. The Solly Baby wrap is a product designed to help you live your life and do all of those things while keeping your baby close by. You can choose from two different wraps that hold babies of up to 45 pounds.

Solly Baby was the brainchild of an affectionate woman named Elle. Though she looked forward to having kids, she found that she wanted to spend even more time with her kids. That led to the invention of the Wrap for babies weighing up to 25 pounds. Elle continues to run her company out of her hometown in California and loves to expand her product line to include new items she loves. She named the company after her son, Solomon. When Solomon had problems sleeping through the night, she came up with a wrap that allowed her to hold him while doing different things. We’ll look at some of the features that customers love and where to buy the wraps in our Solly Baby wrap review.

Solly Baby Wrap Review

Let’s start with a look at the Solly Baby Wrap, which was the first product from the brand. Designed for babies who weigh between eight and 25 pounds, the wrap sells for $69. As it has a universal fit, the wrap will work with your body even if you wear a petite size or plus size. Using this wrap every day can reduce your baby’s crying by more than 40% and help reduce the symptoms of postpartum depression that you experience. As Solly Baby uses natural and organic materials, you can rest assured that the fabric feels soft and smooth on your baby’s skin. Many uses also found that the wrap was comfortable and helped them bond with their kids.

You just need to decide which pattern or color is right for you. Solly Baby has a classic collection that includes patterns such as Basil, which is a rich and soft green color, and Natural and Gray Stripe. In addition to the standard colors and patterns that are always available, the brand offers limited edition prints a few times a year and around the holidays. Those wraps may sell out within a few weeks, which is why we recommend that you buy them early.

How Can You Use Solly Baby Wraps?

Some of the customers who bought these wraps thought the included instructions were confusing. That is why Solly Baby now has online tutorials that show you exactly how to wrap the fabric around your body and use it with your baby. You can even find instructions on how to wear the wrap if you need to use it while nursing your baby. Those steps include:

  1. Place the wrap in front of your body with the Solly Baby label in the center of your chest.
  2. Grasp one edge of the fabric and wrap it around your body in the opposite direction.
  3. Repeat the above step with the other side to create a fabric “X” behind your back.
  4. Bring the edges up and over your shoulders.
  5. Cross the ends of the wrap over your chest to form a second “X.”
  6. Tuck the ends of the fabric through the center of the wrap and fold them around your body.
  7. Tie the ends behind your back to keep the wrap secure before you slip your baby inside.

We recommend that you watch the tutorial below to get an idea of how to use Solly Baby Wraps. You can check out other videos if you want to know how to tighten the wrap or use it to carry your baby on your hip.

Solly Baby Loop Carrier Review

You don’t need to worry about what happens when your baby gets a little older or bigger because Solly Baby also makes the Loop Carrier. Available for $125, the Loop Carrier is similar to the Wrap but can hold kids who weigh 15 to 25 pounds. It comes in a standard size for those who wear extra small through large sizes. If you wear a bigger size, Solly Baby has an extended option that fits customers who wear an XL through a 3XL size. Made from 100% organic cotton, this carrier features woven sections for more support. It allows you to adjust the fit to feel more comfortable and comes with a hassle-free return policy that lets you send it back if the carrier doesn’t meet your needs.

Though the Loop Carrier doesn’t come in as many colors or patterns as the Wrap does, there are options suitable for both men and women. Some of our favorites include Dusty Pink and Camel. These neutral colors work with your nursery as well as the clothing that you wear every day. If you prefer something a little different, go with the Baltic Stitch that uses soft white stitches on dark blue fabric.

Where Can You Use Solly Baby Carriers?

The most popular place to wear and use Solly Baby Wraps is at home. Do you have a baby who hates sleeping at night and only wants to sleep when they’re in your arms? Many babies prefer the comfort of their parents’ arms and do well with skin-on-skin contact. Whether you work from home or just need to take care of things around the house, you probably need to put the baby down for a nap. When your child starts screaming, you can grab your wrap and help them feel as comfortable as possible. With one of these wraps, you can keep your baby on your body while you do anything you need to do.

As a bonus, Solly Baby Wraps are also suitable for use outside of the house, too. Have you ever wanted to check the mail or grab something out of the car but worried about leaving your baby alone for a few minutes? You can easily slip into one of these wraps and head outside to do anything you want while keeping your baby with you. They’re also great for vacations when you want to get away from it all for a few days but still give your baby all of the comforts of home.

Solly Baby Wraps work anywhere you need to go.

Solly Baby Crib Sheets

Though you’ll likely use the link in our Solly Baby review to buy a Wrap, you can also shop for other products such as crib sheets. Any parent knows how fast babies can go through the sheets on their cribs. Between spit-ups and accidents in the middle of the night, you probably wash their sheets more than you do your own. Thanks to Solly Baby, you can shop for lightweight crib sheets that feel soft and smooth on your baby. These sheets fit all standard cribs and come in patterns that you can match to your carrier. Some of our favorites include:

  • Fable with an adorable green pattern on a white sheet
  • Animal Spots that mimic leopard or cheetah print with dark patterns on an orange sheet
  • Neutral Stripe, which uses pale brown and white stripes
  • Blush Swiss Dot might remind you of your favorite dresses as it has white dots on a pink sheet
  • Oat Dot offers a twist on the last design with white dots on a gray-blue sheet
  • Natural and Gray Stripe for parents who love the nautical theme

You can also pick up a crib sheet in a solid and neutral color such as spelt or flax.

Who’s This For?

Solly Baby Wraps are suitable for parents of all types, including first-time parents and those who already have kids. Elle, the woman behind the brand, had four kids and wanted a carrier that looked great and was comfortable. She chose the best materials to ensure that you get the protection that you want for your baby. The standard Wrap has a one size fits all design. It comes with enough fabric that you can tuck and tighten it to get the exact fit that you want. If you choose the Loop Carrier, you can choose between the standard size or extended size.

One thing we like about the site is that Solly Baby welcomes parents of all types. Other sites focus more on motherhood and only have female models. Solly Baby shows both male and female models in its photos to show you that moms and dads can use these carriers. The carriers are perfect for those who need to juggle taking care of a baby with other tasks around the house. You can wash the dishes or spend some time on the computer while keeping your baby safely by your side at any time of the day or night.

Solly Baby makes matching pajamas and other products to your Wrap easy

Other Products from Solly Baby


Swaddling your baby is an easy way to help them feel safe and secure. Though you can use any type of blanket, the swaddles from Solly Baby are perfect. They are lightweight and breathable and have just enough stretch to ensure that the blanket fits your child in the coming months. Rhubarb, Camel, and other solid colors retail for $23, but you can also pick up one of the seasonal designs for $25. Solly Baby will also give you instructions on how to use the blanket for swaddling.


No matter how much experience you have with babies, you probably know that kids of different ages need different types of pajamas. Solly Baby makes sleepers that come in three sizes. You can grab a pair for newborns that will fit babies up through three months or a pair for babies three to six months. There are also sleepers designed for babies up to 12 months. The sleepers come in sets that include both pants and a shirt. Each little shirt uses a soft material that babies love and has long sleeves to protect their arms. The matching pants use the same material. Sleepers cost $38 per pair and come in some fun patterns.

Knotted Hats

You probably heard the old adage that people lose most of their body heat through their heads. While this is true, it’s only true when you have the rest of your body covered. Solly Baby makes adorable knitted hats that are perfect for babies to wear in winter and on cold days. The hats have a unique design with a rolled bottom that you can adjust as your child ages. A thick knot on the top of the hat reduces heat loss to keep your baby warm. The site sells the Knotted Hats for $12. You can use one when you bring the baby home from the hospital and for a few months longer.

Who Would Benefit from a Solly Baby Wrap?

Studies found that babies learn by example. Think about the way kids learn how to read. Many children listen to the stories their parents read to them and follow along with the page. They eventually learn that certain words they hear go with what they see on the page, which helps them use that knowledge to learn even more words. When you carry your baby with you, the child learns from what they see you do. Not only can they learn what different emotions mean, but they can also pick up words and skills from you. Those who want to help their kids start off on the right foot would benefit from one of these Wraps. Others who would benefit from a Solly Baby Wrap include:

  • Parents who need to do different tasks and activities around the house while holding their kids.
  • Mothers who want to reduce the symptoms of postpartum depression and spend more time with their babies.
  • Breastfeeding moms who need easy access during the day or night.
  • Parents who want to hold and carry their babies either on their hips or their chests when working around the house.
  • Moms and dads who like letting their kids see the world around them while spending less time in their cribs.

The site offers a wide range of cooking and baking powders that are hard to find.

Should You Buy It?

There are some great reasons to invest in a Solly Baby Wrap, including the refund policy that lets you return your Wrap within 30 days of getting it. Many customers found that the Wraps were comfortable to wear and that they didn’t cause them to sweat or overheat the way similar carriers can. As you can adjust the fit, you’ll have no problem feeling secure when you carry your child. Some customers also claimed that they used the carriers for months and found that they still looked great. Other reasons why this baby carrier brand is worth your money include:

  • There are offers available every day that help you save money and get free shipping.
  • You can buy a Wrap that works when your child is nine months old or older.
  • There are tons of patterns and solid colors that are suitable for boys and girls.
  • Both moms and dads can easily wear and use the Wrap.
  • Solly Baby has multiple video tutorials that show you how to use and wear the one you buy.
  • Thanks to the video tips, you can easily pick up new ways to use your Wrap.
  • Both the Wraps and Loop Carriers are machine washable.
  • You’ll find crib sheets and other merchandise in matching patterns.
  • The Wrap is so comfortable that you can wear it for hours or all day.
  • This is one of the only baby wraps that you can wear and use in multiple ways.

Both fathers and mothers can benefit from Solly Baby Wraps.

Cons to Consider

When you visit the official website to check out the Wraps, you’ll find dozens of positive Solly Baby Wrap reviews. We found that the site only shows its four-star and five-star reviews. This makes it hard to find any cons, but we did find a few issues with this carrier. The biggest issue is that the included instructions are confusing. Solly Baby gives you a piece of paper that shows you how to wear the Wrap, but many customers had a rough time figuring out how to use it. You may even find that you need to watch the video tutorials a few times and experiment with it to get the fit that you want.

Another issue is that it’s more expensive than similar baby carriers. We found baby wrap alternatives for as little as $40 or less. Even if you use a coupon, you might pay almost twice that for a Solly Baby Wrap. Some women found that it wasn’t as comfortable as they expected either. It might feel a little too tight on some areas and fit loosely around other body parts. We also found customers who didn’t feel safe securing their baby inside the Wrap because of the way it fit.

We recommend watching all of the Solly Baby tutorials at least once before using the Wrap with your baby.

Where to Buy

Though you can look at all of the photos in our Solly Baby Wrap review, you can also click here to check out all of the available designs and products. We recommend that you use the compare options to compare the two carriers and find which one is right for you. The Wrap is suitable for babies who are eight to 25 pounds and between nine and 12 months, but the Loop Carrier is better for kids who are 15 to 25 pounds and at least nine months old. Though both use the same fabric, the Loop Carrier gets softer as you wear it to feel even better.

Another reason to use our Solly Baby link is that you can find out how to care for the products you buy. Both the Loop Carrier and Wrap are machine washable as long as you use a delicate cycle and cold water. You can line dry them or use them on a tumble setting and low heat in your dryer. Don’t forget to check out the Current Offers page to see what deals are available. We found offers such as free shipping when you spend a minimum of $100 and a discount that applies when you buy two Loop Carriers.

The Competition

Though Solly Baby makes a few popular baby carriers, the company simply put its own stamp on an existing design. We found other brands that offer similar wraps that might work better for you and your baby.

Tuck & Bundle

Tuck & Bundle is a brand started and owned by a veteran who wanted to make motherhood easier for others. Miranda found that most baby carriers were either dull and boring or not comfortable enough to wear for hours. She worked with others to create a fashionable baby carrier that both men and women could wear all day. The carriers come in a variety of colors such as lavender and slate gray. Each one allows you to carry your baby on your chest and keep your hands free. Tuck & Bundle sells baby wraps for $70 each and accepts preorders for upcoming designs.

Konny Baby

You may recognize Konny Baby from the ads that the company runs online. The Konny Baby Original Carrier was the first product released. Available for $69, it allows you to adjust the fit to ensure it works for you. This carrier can keep your baby from crying and leave your hands free to do anything you want. The Summer Collection features baby wraps that use lighter materials to help you stay cool and comfortable in the warmer months. Konny Baby also has a mom’s line of dresses and other clothing that are comfortable and stylish but offer easy access for nursing.

Tush Baby

Tush Baby has tons of fans who love the brand’s products, including the Tush Baby Carrier. At $79, this carrier is best for those who can keep one hand on their babies. It comes in black and other colors as well as fun patterns such as camo. The carrier fits around your waist and has a cushioned area for your baby. There are also ample pockets to help you carry extra diapers and anything else you might need. Tush Baby also makes the Tote Baby, which is a stylish diaper bag that has enough room for a changing pad and your wallet.

Wee Sprout

You can also pick up one of the carriers from Wee Sprout. The Baby Wrap Carrier is quite affordable at just $31 and comes in gingham, stripes, and other patterns. It has enough fabric to wrap it around your back and stomach to create the perfect pocket for your baby on either your hip or chest. Wee Sprout uses materials that are lightweight and breathable but also add some stretch to help you get the comfy fit you want. This site has a rewards program that helps you earn coupons for future orders every time you shop.

Final Verdict

Postpartum depression is a serious condition that affects many women, but it’s not something that many women like talking about. You may feel so depressed after giving birth that you have a hard time caring for yourself let alone your new baby. Solly Baby Wraps can reduce the symptoms of this type of depression and also significantly reduce the crying that your baby does. Many babies cry because they want to be with one of their parents all of the time. Thanks to these carriers, you can pick one that fits your baby and lets you do all of your favorite activities while holding your child.

The Loop Carrier is a wrap designed for older kids that can accommodate babies of up to 45 pounds. Similar in design is the Wrap, which is suitable for smaller babies. Both carriers let you adjust the fit as needed and carry your baby either on your hip or chest. You can choose from different solid colors and patterns or wait until the new season to shop for limited edition prints. There are even pajamas and other products that match your carrier. If you’re on the fence about one of these wraps, our Solly Baby Wrap review can help you see why these carriers will benefit you.