Truekind Bras Review



Product Range 93%
Value for the Money 95%
Ease of Use 98%
Customer Service 94%
Shipping 96%
Returns 95%

Advertising Disclosure: Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers.  Compensation,  along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.




Designed to fit women of all sizes, Truekind bras are affordable and come in different colors and sizes. You have 60 days to request a return if you have any fit issues and can easily find panties that go with your new bras.

Product Features

What are Truekind Bras?

Is there anything worse than a bra with an uncomfortable fit? You’ll find yourself tugging and pulling on it every time you wear it. While a bra that is too large offers no support, a bra that is too small will squeeze your breasts and put pressure on your chest. There are also underwire bras that use a thin piece of metal or plastic in the bottom of each cup. These wires can wiggle out from normal wear and start poking you in the chest. Truekind is a bra brand that wants to make it easier for shoppers to find comfortable bras that come in the right sizes.

Truekind bras fit women of most sizes.

You might remember us talking about Truekind in our Shapermint review. Shapermint is a large company that sells bras through its website, but it’s also the parent brand to Truekind. Buying from Truekind allows you to see dozens of all models in all sizes and skin tones rocking the brand’s bras. All bras use soft fabric that supports your breasts without wires. The bras are also seamless and will not appear under your clothes. Spending $70 or more gives you free shipping through the site. Truekind even helps you find the right size before you buy with a helpful size guide. Keep reading to see the top reasons to buy Truekind bras and where you’ll find them.

Truekind Everyday Throw-On Wireless Bralette

Truekind knows that you have days where you want to just throw on a bra and head out the door, which is why it makes the Everday Throw-On Wireless Bralette. Designed with comfort in mind, this bra uses a soft fabric that is breathable to keep you from overheating during long days. The structured design gives you both the lift and support that you need to make your girls look their best. As there are no wires, you don’t need to worry about metal pieces digging into your skin.

Available in XS through 4XL sizes, this Everyday bra fits similar to a sports bra. The brand recommends that you go up a size larger than you normally wear if you want more comfort. Truekind used the same fabric on the back that it did on the front instead of using a standard closure. You can easily wear this bra beneath a thin tee shirt or anything else in your wardrobe. It comes in black and white as well as soft pink and deep brown colors that might match your skin tone. Though Truekind sells this bra for $40, it is often on sale for as little as $20 to help you stock up without spending a bundle.

Truekind Everyday Throw-On Wireless Bralette
Truekind Everyday Throw-On Wireless Bralette
Truekind Everyday Throw-On Wireless Bralette
Truekind Everyday Throw-On Wireless Bralette

How Can You Use Truekind Bras?

We encourage our readers to check out the Truekind Bra & Fit Guide before they order a single bra. Truekind shows you how you can use a tape measure or a simple piece of string to find both your cup size and band size. There are also tips on how to convert a European size to a North American size. If you have problems using that guide, Truekind has sizing experts who can help. These experts are available during regular business hours and will chat with you in real-time on the site. They can help you find your size and see what Truekind bra size will fit you.

Cleaning your Truekind bras is easy because you can use a washing machine or hand wash them. To hand-wash your bras, fill your sink with lukewarm or cold water and add a few drops of laundry detergent. Let the bras stay in the water for 30 to 45 minutes before you rub the fabric between your hands to work in the detergent. You’ll then want to give them a quick rinse to remove soap residue and keep them flat until they dry. For machine washing, place your bras in a bag designed for delicates. Use cold or lukewarm water and a lower setting on your machine. Once you clean your bras, let them air dry for a few hours. No matter which method you use, always skip the dryer and let your bras air dry. Regular washing extends the life of Truekind bras.

How Can You Use Truekind Bras

Truekind Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra

Do you wish you had a bra that felt comfortable all day and didn’t let you down? With the Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra, you get one that is just as comfortable at the end of the night as it was at the beginning of the day. Available in S through 3XL sizes, this bra sells for $45. If you’re lucky, you might find it on sale for around $30. You can snag this comfortable bra in black or white or go with a soft pink color. Roughly 96% of customers said that it had the fit they wanted.

Truekind uses a fabric blend that includes both elastic materials and nylon. This ensures that the bra matches your movements and that it has a breathable design that supports you for hours. The cups on the front provide lots of support and give you more lift to make your girls pop. Thanks to the hook and eye closures on the back, you can easily slip into this bra using your favorite method and slip out of it just as easily. Truekind also added foam inserts to each cup for more padding and thick straps that won’t dig into your skin.

Truekind Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra
Truekind Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra
Truekind Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra

Where Can You Use Truekind Bras?

You don’t need to wear a DD size to know about the discomfort of working out in the wrong bra. The wrong bra won’t support your chest the way that you need and can leave you feeling more tired and sore than you should. Truekind has a simple sports bra that is perfect for wearing to the gym or when you want to exercise at home. Other bras are great for all-day wear. Whether you need to see your doctor in the morning and then work 8-12 hours before stopping by the grocery store and picking up your kids, these bras will fit you comfortably until the end of the day. Other places where you can wear these bras include:

  • When you’re out with a day of fun with your gal pals and don’t want to struggle with your bra.
  • If you want to hit the town and look amazing while still feeling comfortable as you dance the night away.
  • On vacation, especially if you need to spend hours in a car or on a plane and want to avoid discomfort.
  • In situations where you need to get your bra on and off as quickly as possible.
  • On date nights to wow someone special.
Where Can You Use Truekind Bras

Truekind bras are so comfortable that you may want to wear one as a crop top under a jacket to show it off.

Truekind Enhanced Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra

Shaper bras are great for women with larger chests who need more comfort and a better fit. Truekind designed this bra with those women in mind. Each cup uses three separate foam layers that give your chest the support it needs. Those layers both lift and separate your girls to give you a small hint of cleavage. Similar bras fight so tightly that you might feel as though you can’t breathe or instantly want to take off the bra as soon as you close it. This bra has a much more comfortable fit and is suitable for 12 hours of wear or more.

As this bra can make your chest look larger or fuller, it’s also a good option for women who have a smaller bra size. It comes in small, medium and large sizes and in black, white, pink and brown. You’ll have no problem finding a shade that works with the clothing you wear, though you may not find the size that you need. Truekind sells this bra for $50 and often puts it on sale for around $35. If you can’t afford the higher price, we recommend waiting for the next sale.

Truekind Enhanced Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra
Truekind Enhanced Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra
Truekind Enhanced Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra
Truekind Enhanced Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra

Who’s This For?

Every woman knows about the hassles of bra shopping. You can spend hours in local stores without finding what you want. If you turn to the web for help, you risk buying from brands that don’t use standard sizes and those that use cheap materials that won’t stand up to your daily routine. Many women have at least a few bras that they hold onto, even though they don’t fit or aren’t very comfortable to wear. You might have one that you only wear when all of your other bras are dirty and another that you reserve for special nights. With Truekind bras, you have no excuse not to wear one that fits comfortably for hours. These bras are suitable for many women, including:

  • Those who wear any of the standard bra sizes that go along with the Truekind sizing guide.
  • Shoppers looking for comfy bras that feel just as comfortable after hours of wear.
  • Customers who like working out but don’t want to feel their chests jumping around as they move.
  • Women who usually wear a larger band size but can fit into Truekind cup sizes with an extender.
  • Anyone needing a solid bra that lasts through all of their daily activities.
Who's This For - Truekind Bras

Truekind Reactive Sport Bra

Trying to find a good bra for workouts may seem impossible. You already know that many of these bras offer little to no support and that many will not lift and separate your breasts. The wrong bra can make it feel as though you have a weight on your chest or a tight bandage wrapped around your body. Truekind designed its Reactive Sport Bra for women who want both comfort and support. It uses spandex and nylon to ensure that the bra stretches to fit your body. Though your breasts can breathe, they won’t bounce all over the place.

This bra is suitable for many sports and activities including golfing and biking as well as yoga and Pilates. You can safely wear it when taking a walk or jog around the block. If you have a fitness class and need to run errands or want to meet friends for lunch later, this bra will go with you. It’s available in black, white, gray and blue to match your other athletic apparel. Truekind offers the Reactive Bra in S-3XL sizes and sells it for $38. Buying two of these bras outside of a sale will help you qualify for free shipping.

Truekind Reactive Sport Bra
Truekind Reactive Sport Bra
Truekind Reactive Sport Bra
Truekind Reactive Sport Bra

Truekind Seamless Stretch Mid-Waist Brief

After hearing from women who wished they could match their panties and bras, Truekind introduced the Seamless Stretch Mid-Waist Brief. These panties come in two sizes: S-XL and 2XL-4XL. If you wear a pant size of 0-14, the S-XL is the best choice for you. Truekind recommends the larger size for women who wear plus sizes and pants in 16-24 sizes. You can also find your size based on your hip or waist measurements. Simply compare your measurements to those found on the Truekind size guide, which you’ll find on the product page.

Though you might think that the $26 price tag is too high, keep in mind all of the features of these panties. They have a mid-waist design that allows the top to stop right at or below your belly button based on your torso length. You can choose black and brown pairs that match your favorite Truekind bras or a neutral shade. This shade may hide the visible lines that often appear under your clothes. A cotton gusset and breathable fabric help you stay cool and keep you clean. These Truekind briefs also offer the full coverage that you need and often go on sale for less than $20 per pair.

Truekind Seamless Stretch Mid-Waist Brief
Truekind Seamless Stretch Mid-Waist Brief
Truekind Seamless Stretch Mid-Waist Brief

Who Would Benefit from Truekind Bras?

A study found that around 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Around 10% choose a size that is too big, while 70% wear a size that is too small. Wearing the wrong bra size can impact your health. It may cause breast pain as the cups squeeze your chest or cause back pain because you force your back to support your chest. Other issues of wearing the wrong bra include:

  • The bra can chafe and irritate your skin.
  • You may suffer from bad posture.
  • It can cause neck and shoulder pain.
  • Your breasts may sag sooner than they should.

Any woman who wants to avoid those health issues and others would benefit from a Truekind bra. Truekind designed bras for women of all ages and sizes. Unlike other brands that focus on older or younger shoppers, this brand has bras for teenagers and college students as well as working professionals and older women. You’ll find that they offer lots of support but aren’t as tight as other bras are. Truekind uses sizes such as S and 3XL that fit most bra sizes. These bras come in simple colors that are suitable for everyday use, too.

Truekind bras are perfect for wearing to lounge around the house or when you need to go out and about.

Who Would Benefit from Truekind Bras

Should You Buy It?

In our opinion, you should buy Truekind bras. If you find that you fit the cups perfectly but that the band is a little too tight, try using a Truekind extender. The site sells a three-pack for $12 and lets you pick from white, pink and black colors or a set that comes with one extender in each color. You can use one or all three extenders attached to your band to make the bra fit the way you need. Our other top reasons why Truekind is worth your money include:

  • The bras use good materials that are breathable to keep you cool and feel like a second skin.
  • You can choose between bras that have closures for securing behind your back and those you slip over your head.
  • All of the bras are wireless to help them last longer and keep metal wires from poking out.
  • You can now choose panties that come in some of the same colors as the bras to get more coverage on your lower half.
  • Truekind offers free shipping if you spend a minimum of $70 on a single order.
  • Expert fitters are available to help you find the right size in any of these bras.
  • The brand guarantees that the bras won’t cause skin irritations or any other problems.
  • You can wash your bras in a standard washing machine or by hand in your sink.
  • Many of the bras feature wider straps that won’t slip down or off your shoulders.
Should You Buy It - Truekind Bras

Truekind believes in helping women feel confident and find the right bras, no matter what size they wear

Cons to Consider

Truekind does not have as many registered complaints as other bra brands do. Some customers received bras that had quality issues such as frayed hems or uneven stitching. Others complained about the customer service reps who didn’t understand their questions and weren’t very helpful. Another major issue is that Truekind charges you if you return an item. Though the brand claims that it has a 60-day return policy, it holds you responsible for paying the $4.95 fee to ship back a bra. Other complaints we found online concerned Shapermint, the parent company of Truekind, including:

  • One customer said that she never received her order and the company claimed that her payment processor gave them the wrong address.
  • It’s often hard to get in touch with someone over the phone and online chats have a long wait time.
  • A few customers said that they complained to the company about missing or damaged items and only got a $5 credit to use on the site.
  • Though some products come in XS-4XL sizes, others are only available in S-L sizes.
  • You may find that the bras are as comfortable as you expected but do not offer as much support as you need.

If you find that your bra has the right cup size but is too tight around your body, Truekind extenders can help.

Cons to Consider - Truekind Bras

Where to Buy

Truekind bras are available on the Shapermint website as well as at Amazon and Walmart. The problem with buying from those sites is that they may not stock all of the sizes or colors. We recommend that you click here and use our link to explore the products from Truekind. Not only will you find all of the available sizes and colors, but you’ll find products such as the mid-waist briefs that other sites don’t sell. If you know your bra size, it’s easy to use the size chart to find your proper size from Truekind. The experts who work for the brand chat with customers online and help them choose bras, too.

We like that Truekind makes essential bras that work in any situation. From an exciting night on the town with someone special or hitting the club with friends to running errands and spending a day at the office, these bras will work. Buying from our link gives you free shipping when you spend $70 or more and free returns. This comes in handy if you buy a bra that is a little too big or lacks the support you need. Don’t forget to sign up for the Truekind mailing list to get coupons and news sent to you.

Where to Buy - Truekind Bras

Truekind bras are so comfortable that some customers even sleep in them.

The Competition

There is a lot of competition in the bra market and tons of brands that promise they make the products that you love. We’ll go over some of those brands to help you see who competes with Truekind.


When you compare products from Parade and Truekind, you’ll find that they are quite similar. Parade offers three bralettes such as scoop bras that offer just a hint of cleavage and triangle bras that offer less support. There are also plunge bras that ensure all eyes reach and stay on you. Thanks to the five for $40 sale, you can get all of your favorite bras and matching panties for around the same price that Truekind charges for one bra. Though Parade bras come in some fun colors and unique prints, they don’t offer as much support as Truekind bras do.

Her Room

The founders of Her Room were women who wanted to eliminate the hassles of lingerie shopping and give customers a better experience. With the Bra Finder, you select your band and cup sizes to find all matching bras. This feature also allows you to choose the type you like or the color you need. Thanks to the mailing list, you get a Her Room coupon for 10% off just for signing up. Her Room has bras with seamed cups and plunge bras along with plus-size bras and lace bras. You’ll also find swimwear and sexy lingerie on the site.

Adore Me

You might see Adore Me ads online that claim this brand can help you find the perfect bra. Adore Me allows you to shop from home and order matching bra and panty sets. There are plunge and push-up bras that highlight your assets and bras that you can wear under tees and when working out. You get the most from this brand through the elite program, which turns you into a VIP. Adore Me pairs you with a stylist who helps you find the best bras and any other items that you want. It costs $39.95 per month for this service.


If you hate shopping for bras and underwear, you’ll like that MeUndies has membership plans that allow you to get new items every month. As a member, you get $4 off all panties and $10 off all bralettes. Though you can go online and pick the styles you want, you can also pick a subscription plan and let the site choose for you. The bralettes come in a T-design that has adjustable shoulder straps and a T-back or a U-design that has a scoop neck and a U-back. MeUndies can also help you pick a bra made from breathable fabric or one that feels weightless.

Final Verdict

Whether you shop online or in a local store, you’ll find dozens of bras waiting for you. Many stores only stock a small selection of sizes, which may make you worry that you’ll never find a good bra. You no longer need to wade through multiple stores and check dozens of websites because Truekind has some great options. This brand makes bras that are suitable for gym workouts and office days as well as special occasions and daily use. Truekind uses XS-4XL sizes that fit a range of breasts and lets you pick a size based on how your current bra fits.

We had a hard time finding any negative reviews about Truekind. Most of those reviews focused on the lack of products or customer service along with the free the brand charges for returns. Many customers loved the bras they bought from Truekind so much that they bought multiples during the next sale. These bras offer all of the support that your chest needs and has a design that gives you all-day comfort. You’ll even find matching briefs that offer lots of coverage for your lower body. If you need some of the most comfortable bras in the world, turn to Truekind.