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Meet the team

Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson, Head of SEO

Joe Robinson is our Head of SEO. He loves learning about new technologies, data science, and psychology. Joe helps businesses improve their website usability and spends his free time playing blues guitar and renovating his 19th century farmhouse.

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Journi Gillette

Journi Gillette, Content Producer

Journi is San Francisco-based writer dedicated to helping businesses amplify their voice and place within their markets. As a Content Producer for iReviews, she strives to deliver helpful and clear reviews that will leave the reader feeling confident in their purchasing decisions. She has 3 years of writing for brands and loves providing value to intended audiences through content writing. She enjoys taking naps and thinking of new excuses for not going to the gym in her free time.

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Spencer Pines, Content Producer

Spencer Pines is a young artist and writer with a wide range of creative abilities. He started producing online content when he was in middle school and went on to make short films with Ring-a-ding Ding productions, including the award winning Critical Miss. Pines has since graduated with a bachelors in studio arts as well as an associate of art degree from Kent State University. Spencer also enjoys spending time with his friends and family in addition to pursuing more creative endeavors, his current project being a children’s book titled Taco Jones and the Amazing Three. Pines is also very active in the world of retro video games, his favorite being MegaMan 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment system. 

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Jacob Wilson, Content Producer

Jacob Wilson was born and raised in the southern United States. Most of their life has been dedicated to reading, writing, and figuring out the best way to put engaging words down on digital paper. An educated graduate from Murray State University with a degree in professional writing, they are well familiar with the ins and outs of the English language. In their free time they are either with friends or sitting down in a quiet room to enjoy a good story. With a smile on their face they are always happy to keep pushing forward no matter what the world throws at them.

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Jordan Cole, Content Producer

Jordan Cole is a recent graduate from the communications program at Syracuse University. She recently moved from New York to Los Angeles, CA to pursue her masters degree in communication management. In her free time Jordan works as an event planner and marketing specialist. She has a passion for journalism and creative writing. Outside of work she loves to workout, travel, and take her puppy, Junebug, on beach walks.

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