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Imagine never having to brush your teeth again (and still keeping your teeth). With 90% of all dental and gum diseases caused by poor brushing technique, it’s about time an automatic toothbrush does all the work for you. Introducing Amabrush – a three piece smart brushing system that cleans your teeth in 10 seconds.

Brushing Technology

Equipped with an anti-bacterial silicone mouthpiece with multiple rows of soft bristles, Amabrush kills 99.9% of all bacteria while cleaning your teeth with gentle vibrations. Just simply clamp the mouthpiece between your teeth and let the motor work its magic. Brushing all your teeth at once for 10 seconds at a time guarantees a thorough cleaning that most brushes can’t get with manual brushing.

The technique is everything with brushing. Too much pressure can cause gum damage and long strokes can’t get in-between hard-to-reach teeth. The Amabrush allows the micro-vibrations of its bristles to do their job. Using the dentist-recommended Bass method of brushing, Amabrush does a masterful job of removing plaque without compromising your gums. It does this will light but effective bristle pressure.

Intelligent Design Features

Coming with your Amabrush set is silicone mouthpiece, the handpiece (motor), and toothpaste capsules. Designed to be held in place during operation, users just press one simple button – wait 10 seconds – and end up with a thorough mouth clean – from bicuspids to molars. End the process by spitting out your toothpaste foam, rinse the mouthpiece, and put away your Amabrush.

The Different Maker

The real magic is in the mouthpiece and is the key component that separates Amabrush from any other smart toothbrush on the market. Made out of flexible anti-bacterial silicone, equipped with built-in micro-channels, and arranged with rows of bristles at 45-degree angles, Amabrush’s mouthpiece fits every jaw and spits out the exact amount of toothbrush for each brush. With pre-loaded capsules already included, users only need to replace their mouthpiece every three to six months.


With a mission focused on “making tooth brushing quicker, automatic, and more efficient,” Amabrush comes with a motor that attaches to the mouthpiece magnetically. If you spend the night at a friend’s house with an Amabrush system, you’re in luck. Your mouthpiece is compatible with their Amabrush motor – bringing the deep cleaning experience with you. Amabrush’s motor can last one month on a single charge, making this a highly portable device ideal for travelers.

What would a smart toothbrush be without its companion app? Whether you want to choose different vibration modes (gum massage, whitening mode, burst mode), configure cleaning times, or reorder a mouthpiece, the iOS/Android Amabrush app makes the brushing experience as seamless as possible.

Bottom Line

The Amabrush removes the guesswork out of brushing your teeth correctly. Within 10 seconds of popping in its anti-bacterial mouthpiece, the Amabrush system provides a deep cleaning experience that challenges the best automatic toothbrushes. With the average tooth brushing time lasting 60 seconds instead of the recommended 180 seconds, Amabrush 10 seconds of simultaneous brushing more that covers the ideal brushing time.

Amabrush’s patent-pending technology has an estimated ship date scheduled for December of 2017. Even though the company claims that it has analyzed over 2,000 jaws in its design preparation, there are some question marks around the comfort level of its one-size-fits-all mouthpiece. Amabrush may need to mold its unit for each user – or come up with different size mouthpieces for men, woman, and children. We shall see in December.

Source: Kickstarter