Best Online Therapy Programs 2022 – The Ultimate Guide

In today’s world of modern technology and digital connectivity, online therapy offers greater flexibility when seeking professional counseling and guidance. Many people opt for online therapy because it can be done in the comfort of their own home, and they can find a therapist that specializes in their needs.

Online therapy has also opened up many opportunities for people in rural and remote areas to access the mental health resources and treatments that otherwise aren’t available in their region. Sometimes people need help right away, and online therapy offers a welcome alternative to waiting days or even weeks on end for an in-person therapy session.

Best Online Therapy

If you’re ready to get started with online therapy and don’t have time to waste, take a look at our top picks that can make a big difference when you need it most.

Our Top Online Therapy Picks

Best for Live Chat - BetterHelp

BetterHelp offers live chat sessions with professional therapists anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to message therapists and start chatting when you need someone safe to talk to.

Betterhelp Logo

Best for Couples - ReGain

ReGain specializes in relationship counseling with licensed marriage and family therapists and accredited psychologists. An introductory questionnaire helps match couples up with a dedicated therapist for live sessions.

Regain Logo

Best for Psychiatry - MDLive

MDLive is an innovative telemedicine platform specializing in psychiatry services. This includes counseling and prescription management by a board-certified psychiatrist.

Mdlive Logo

Best for Teens - Teen Counseling

Teens have a safe space in Teen Counseling, which is an online platform exclusively for teens ages 13 to 19. There are options for live chats, phone calls, video conferencing, and messaging in a private room with a licensed therapist.

Teen Counselling Logo

Best for Depression - Amwell

Amwell is a leading telemedicine company with a focus on physical and psychological healing. You can access an online doctor and therapist visits to help you navigate the challenges of depression.

Amwell Logo

Top 25 Online Therapy Sites

1. Talkspace

Talkspace is a top-rated online therapy site and app that connects you with licensed therapists who work with your schedule. Talkspace is recognized for reliable live sessions with licensed counselors, who offer text, audio, or video messaging services.

Talkspace Logo

Overall rating: 9.5

Price: $260–$400 per month

Specialisms: Individuals, couples, teens, psychiatry

Live chat?: Yes

Accepts insurance?: Yes

Free consultation?: Yes

Deals: None

Since 2012, Talkspace has served as a trusted online and mobile therapy company. Users can access licensed therapists through the website or mobile app on iOS and Android. The company is dedicated to 24/7 access, so you can reach out whenever you need. 

The short, simple sign-up process quickly pairs you with several therapist matches, and you can choose the right one. Talkspace has experienced therapists specializing in couples, teens, and psychiatry care.

2. BetterHelp

BetterHelp has over 3,000 therapists and 38 million+ counseling sessions in the books. There are licensed, board-accredited counselors available to help 24/7. 

Betterhelp Logo

Overall rating: 9.3

Price: $240–$360 per month

Specialisms: Individuals, couples, teens

Live chat?: Yes

Accepts insurance?: Yes

Free consultation?: No

Deals: None

Founded in 2013, BetterHelp provides comprehensive online counseling services for people who want greater flexibility and support they can access around the world. The innovative web-based platform connects teens, adults, and couples to therapists and counselors through a private online message board and live chat that are available 24/7.

Phone and video conferencing is also available on BetterHelp, which is the largest counseling service in the world.


MDLIVE is a leader in online psychiatry care with comprehensive telemedicine services, including counseling and prescription management. They have board certified psychiatrists available 24/7/365.

Mdlive Logo

Overall rating: 9.2

Price: $284 for your first visit and $108 for each follow-up appointment.

Specialisms: Children, adults, those with diagnosed depression and anxiety

Live chat?: Yes – only through the website though, not the app currently

Accepts insurance: Yes

Free consultation?: No – it’s free to sign up but payment is required once you sign up for a consultation appointment

Deals: Intro offers/ money back/ free trial?: None

Since it was founded in 2009, MDLIVE has delivered cost-efficient and convenient digital psychiatry care, specializing in anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD and trauma, and addiction. In addition to behavioral health specialists, there are also primary care providers for urgent care and dermatology, so patients can access all their healthcare needs via phone, online video, or the app.

MDLIVE offers virtual consultations at prices less than most co-pays, as well as e-prescriptions and treatment plans. You can choose less expensive online counseling sessions with a licensed therapist or psychiatrist consultations, which are slightly more expensive.

4. Amwell

Amwell is a trusted telemedicine provider with a great reputation for flexible scheduling. Licensed therapists are available to chat weekdays, weekends, and evenings.

Amwell Logo

Overall rating: 9.0

Price: $109–$129 per session

Specialisms: teens, adults, couples, patients with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trauma

Live chat?: Yes

Accepts insurance?: Yes

Free consultation?: No

Deals: Initial psychiatry appointment is $279, follow-ups are $109

Amwell says it is covered by insurance for over 80 million people with both physiological and physical healthcare services. Unlike other providers, Amwell does not offer subscriptions and only charges based on sessions booked.

You get to select the therapist or doctor you want to meet with and then schedule a virtual video session on the web platform or app. Amwell is known for its quality counseling services for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trauma, as well as couples therapy and support during life transitions.

5. Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling is an online platform designed for teens 13-19 years old to access affordable assistance from a licensed therapist. 

Teen Counselling Logo

Overall rating: 9

Price: $40-$70 per week

Specialisms: Teens aged 13-19

Live chat?: Yes

Accepts insurance?: No

Free consultation?: No

Deals: None

Teen Counseling is known for its affordable and discreet online therapy services with professional counselors trained in helping adolescents. The counselors all have Master’s or Doctoral degrees and up-to-date certifications.

Teens can talk to clinical social workers (LCSW), professional counselors (LPC), psychologists (Ph.D/Psy.D), and marriage and family therapists (LMFT). Counselors help teens work through bullying, anger, eating disorders, self-esteem, family changes, stress, and more mental challenges.

6. ReGain

Romantic relationships are the focus of ReGain online therapy. This platform exclusively serves couples with an extensive relationship resource library and high customer satisfaction.

Regain Logo

Overall rating: 9

Price: $240–$360 per month

Specialisms: Couples

Live chat?: Yes

Accepts insurance?: No, although receipts are provided for potential reimbursement

Free consultation?: First week free

Deals: Free seven-day trial before paid subscription starts

ReGain provides unlimited messaging and optional live chat for couples, plus phone and video sessions. The platform has accredited psychologists, licensed professional counselors, and marriage and family therapists. The hassle-free cancellation policy allows you to cancel any time, and you also have the freedom to switch your therapist if you want a better fit.

ReGain is also cost-effective because you can add your partner to the sessions for no extra fee. Couples can attend the therapy sessions over message texting even if they aren’t in the same location.

7. Circles

As a leader in online group therapy, Circles offers affordable and collaborative counseling with a focus on anxiety, addiction, depression, and grief.

Circles Logo

Overall rating: 8.9

Price: $80 per month

Specialisms: Group therapy, online support circle

Live chat?: No

Accepts insurance?: No

Free consultation?: First Circles session is free

Deals: First seven days free

Not many online therapy programs focus on group therapy like Circles. Certified coaches and licensed therapists lead online support groups for people who are going through similar challenges. Circles come together for weekly hour-long sessions via live video. 

The chat function on the Circles app allows you to connect with fellow Circle members or your therapist 24.7. The Circles online group therapy platform is also very flexible as you can cancel the weekly subscription at any time.

8. Cornerstone Christian Counseling

As a trusted resource for Christian online therapy, Cornerstone Christian Counseling offers science-backed talk therapy rooted in Christian values. It’s suitable for teens, couples, and families.

Cornerstone Logo

Overall rating: 8.7

Price: $55–$175 per session

Specialisms: Christian teens, families, couples

Live chat?: No

Accepts insurance?: No, but can offer superbill for patient submission to insurers

Free consultation?: No

Deals: Discounts for military, church and mission-based organizations

Cornerstone Christian Counseling has Christian therapists who agree to a statement of faith and incorporate their religious values into personalized counseling sessions. All therapists are fully licensed and may specialize in premarital and family counseling, trauma, grief management, and more.

While there is no subscription management or subscription options, many customers appreciate the tiered pricing for different budgets and the online support teen and family therapy.

9. Talkiatry

Talkiatry is a top choice for psychiatry online therapy. Patients have their choice of board-certified psychiatrists for live video sessions.

Talkiatry Logo

Overall rating: 8.7

Price: Varies by therapist and insurer

Specialisms: Psychiatry

Live chat?: No

Accepts insurance?: Yes

Free consultation?: No

Deals: None

Talkiatry has two talk therapists but otherwise the rest are all psychiatrists, so it’s a great option for those who want expert guidance on mental disorders. The platform aims to make psychiatry more affordable and accessible by connecting patients with board-certified psychiatrists online.

Talkiatry accepts insurance and offers updating pricing once you sign up with your insurance information. Talkiatry psychiatrists create personalized treatment plans for many mood and behavioral concerns, including obsessive compulsive disorder, major depressive disorder, panic disorder, and more.

10. Rethink My Therapy

Rethink My Therapy has excellent client satisfaction reviews for its live video and audio online therapy, which includes talk sessions and medication management.

Rethink My Theraphy Logo

Overall rating: 8.6

Price: $99–$159 per month

Specialisms: Women, addiction, relationships

Live chat?: No

Accepts insurance?: No

Free consultation?: Seven-day free trial

Deals: None

With Rethink My Therapy you get access to comprehensive online therapy with affordable subscription rates and options for individual, couples, and family therapy sessions.

The platform has thousands of mental health professionals available to assist with depression, bipolar disorders, addictions, postpartum depression, women’s issues, grief, loss, and more. It also sends records to your primary doctor.

11. Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling is the top choice for LGBTQIA+ online therapy. There is an app with unlimited messaging access, plus live chat, phone and video.

Pride Counselling

Overall rating: 8.5

Price: $240–$360 per month

Specialisms: LGBTQIA+

Live chat?: Yes

Accepts insurance?: No

Free consultation?: No

Deals: No

Pride Counseling is committed to providing quality virtual therapy that’s accessible to the LGBTQIA+ community. The licensed and board-accredited therapists and counselors specialize in issues facing LGBTQIA+ individuals and have at least three years of professional experience.

The platform collects initial information and matches patients to a therapist, although they can switch if needed. Live sessions are easy to schedule from the personalized private portal.

12. Doctor On Demand

If you’re looking for single video sessions with trained online therapists and mental health professionals, Doctor On Demand is a great choice.

Dr on demand Logo

Overall rating: 8.4

Price: $129-$179 for psychology consultations, $299 for initial psychiatry and $129 for follow up

Specialisms: Anxiety, depression, postpartum, relationships

Live chat?: No

Accepts insurance?: Yes

Free consultation?: No

Deals: None

Doctor On Demand offers 24/7 access to emotional support and behavioral health services. Licensed therapists who specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy are available for video chat when it works for you. Plus, licensed psychiatrists can diagnose mental health disorders and develop treatment plans including medication.

After signing up and taking the assessment, you can browse the best therapists for you and schedule a video visit.

13. Ayana Therapy

Ayana Therapy has an easy-to-use app that matches marginalized communities with compatible licensed therapists for anonymous virtual communication at the right time.

Ayana Therapy Logo

Overall rating: 8.3

Price: $140-$180

Specialisms: BIPOC, LGBTQIA+

Live chat?: Yes

Accepts insurance?: May receive receipt for reimbursement 

Free consultation?: No

Deals: $60 special on individual sessions

Ayana Therapy is only a few years old, but it’s become known for delivering instant mental health services to BIPOC and LGBTQIA+. The platform’s therapists make up a diverse community with different races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and religions. 

They are actively working to de-stigmatize mental health through greater education and support. When you sign up, there’s a detailed questionnaire with culturally sensitive topics that helps find a match with a licensed counselor who understands and respects your culture and background.  

14. Cerebral

As the best online therapy program for insurance, Cerebral offers talk therapy and medication management with experienced therapists and doctors.

Cerebal Logo

Overall rating: 8.3

Price: $29 with in-network insurance or $325 per month

Specialisms: Anxiety, depression, insomnia

Live chat?: No

Accepts insurance?: Yes

Free consultation?: No

Deals: $30 for first month

One of the biggest perks of online therapy with Cerebral is its acceptance of many in-network insurers. The monthly mental health service subscription provides comprehensive access to virtual care and online prescription management, even shipping prescribed medication directly to your front door.

All Cerebral therapists have a graduate or Ph.D. and are available to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, postpartum, and menopause, as well as bipolar disorder, ADHD, and PTSD in some states.

15. Wellnite

Wellnite is a popular online therapy program for those without mental health insurance thanks to its affordable subscriptions and live video/phone services.

Wellnite Logo

Overall rating: 8.2

Price: $75 per month

Specialisms: Anxiety, depression

Live chat?: No

Accepts insurance?: No

Free consultation?: Yes

Deals: Free Mental Health Care Consultation

Wellnite specializes in affordable mental healthcare with talk therapy and medication management to treat anxiety and depression. After signing up for a subscription, you can get connected to a board-certified physician licensed in your state on the same day.

These mental health professionals specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy and prescription medication. The live video and phone platform support personalized treatment plans and monthly follow-ups.

16. specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy to treat many mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and addiction with a safe and secure online platform.

Online Therapy Logo

Overall rating: 8.1

Price: $32 to $64 per week

Specialisms: Cognitive behavioral therapy

Live chat?: Yes

Accepts insurance?: No

Free consultation?: No

Deals: 20% discount for the first month is a leading online therapy platform for cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on developing better emotional regulation and personal coping strategies. Their professionally experienced and educated therapists treat anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug problems, phobias, and eating disorders.

Instead of 24/7 support like other platforms, therapists are available 8 hours a day Monday – Friday. The platform prides itself on a resource toolbox including a 30-minute weekly live chat, online journal, worksheets, messaging, activity plans, and yoga.

17. 7 Cups

7 Cups offers 24/7 free emotional support online with over 300,000 trained listeners, plus affordable online therapy with 180 professional licensed therapists.

7Cups Logo

Overall rating: 8.0

Price: $150 per month

Specialisms: Addiction, anxiety, parenting, grief, 18+

Live chat?: Yes

Accepts insurance?: No

Free consultation?: Free 24/7 chat with volunteers in support chat rooms

Deals: None

7 Cups connects you to caring listeners in chat rooms for complimentary emotional support, as well as cost-effective counseling sessions. The HIPAA-compliant support platform lets you message your therapist in a private chat room and explore mental health challenges over the phone. 7 Cups therapists help with overcoming trauma and abuse, navigating work and family hardships, and recovering from grief.

18. Brightside

Brightside helps with anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, and panic disorders by combining virtual therapy and medication in personalized treatment plans.

Brightside Logo

Overall rating: 8.0

Price: $299 per month

Specialisms: Anxiety, depression

Live chat?: Yes

Accepts insurance?: No

Free consultation?: Yes, free assessment

Deals: $45 for first month

Brightside has an extensive network of psychiatrists and therapists to treat mental health conditions and connect patients with the medications they need to better manage their health challenges. The clinical advisory board at Brightside is made up of industry experts from Yale, Stanford, UCSF, and other leading institutions.

After a free mental health evaluation, Brightside recommends a personalized treatment plan and allows you to get your first appointment within 48 hours. You can choose from therapy, medication, or both with unlimited access to messaging, video chats, and check-ins.

19. HealthSapiens

As a telehealth company with 24/7 access to doctors, HealthSapiens offers affordable virtual therapy for anxiety, stress, depression, and more.

Healthsapiens Logo

Overall rating: 7.9

Price: $49.25/week

Specialisms: Anxiety, depression, OCD, grief, relationships

Live chat?: Yes

Accepts insurance?: No co-pays or deductibles

Free consultation?: No

Deals: None

HealthSapiens is a subscription-based online therapy resource with board licensed therapists specializing in bulimia, grief, insomnia, mood disorders, PTSD, substance abuse, teen/parenting, and relationship issues. After registering, users are connected with Masters-level counselors for pre-clinical sessions to discuss concerns. There’s no limit to the number of pre-clinical sessions a patient can have, while counselors will set the counseling schedule as appropriate. 

20. Teladoc

Teladoc is a trusted virtual health platform with mental health and primary care services from thousands of qualified doctors around the U.S. 

Teledoc Logo

Overall rating: 7.8

Price: Varies by health insurance and plan.

Specialisms: Depression, anxiety, stress, psychiatry 

Live chat?: Yes

Accepts insurance?: Yes

Free consultation?: No

Deals: None

Teladoc mental health services are available through health insurance, employers, and non-profit organizations as well as a flat rate per visit payments. Teladoc provides mental health treatment reviews of existing mental health diagnoses and treatment plans.

Board-certified therapists and psychiatrists are available seven days a week to help whenever you’re feeling down or experience anxiety, stress, and depression. Addiction, pain management, loss, and grief can be addressed through virtual sessions over the phone, video, or chat.

21. Calmerry

Calmerry has verified therapists to help with a wide range of mental health issues. Advanced client-counselor matching connects patients with therapists who use evidence-based approaches.

Calmery Logo

Overall rating: 7.7

Price: From $42/week

Specialisms: Eating disorders, LGBTQIA+, PTSD, OCD

Live chat?: No

Accepts insurance?: No

Free consultation?: No

Deals: No

Calmerry offers professional mental health support for anger management, anxiety, stress, childhood abuse, chronic illness, depression, grief, trauma, eating disorders, and more. All therapists are currently licensed in their states and offer compassionate mental health care through live video and text. New patients complete a brief assessment and then pick a subscription plan based on the number of desired sessions and support. Live video sessions and private chats with therapists are available whenever it suits you, with free therapist switching if you need it.


Another popular online therapy program for Christians is Faithful Counseling, which offers professional mental health services with a Biblical perspective.

Faithful Counseling Logo

Overall rating: 7.6

Price: $60-$90 per week

Specialisms: Christians

Live chat?: Yes

Accepts insurance?: No

Free consultation?: No

Deals: Cancel anytime for any reason

Faithful Counseling connects Christians with licensed therapists who share their values. Online therapy is available via phone, video, or messaging at a time that’s convenient for you.

Individually scheduled sessions offer the best opportunity to discuss challenges and concerns with accredited psychologists, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and licensed professional counselors.

Although their backgrounds vary, all therapists and counselors have at least three years and 1,000 hours of experience.

23. specializes in online therapy solutions for deaf people and their loved ones, with one-on-one therapy and family mediation available.

Deafcounseling Logo

Overall rating: 7.6

Price: Varies by insurance and individual plan

Specialisms: Deaf individuals and their families

Live chat?: No

Accepts insurance?: Yes

Free consultation?: No

Deals: Pro-bono, sliding scale, and payment plans available

Deaf Counseling Center was founded in 2001 and is deaf-owned and operated. Its licensed professional counselors and therapists offer dedicating counseling and psychotherapy for the Deaf community. 

There are many insurance and payment plan options available to ensure the Deaf community has access to reliable online therapy via video using a HIPPA platform. American Sign Language is used across the platform for effective communication with a focus on holistic therapeutic services in a non-judgmental environment.

24. is a video therapy platform with a growing directory of therapists around the U.S. so you can find the right therapy connections.

Choosing Therapy

Overall rating: 7.5

Price: Varies by therapist

Specialisms: Family, Couples, Christians

Live chat?: No

Accepts insurance?: Yes

Free consultation?: No

Deals: None connects patients and therapists on flexible schedules. This platform allows therapists to have a video-based private practice and gives patients the chance to find a carefully-vetted therapy professional who can help with life’s challenges and mental health concerns. 

Therapists set their rates and schedule which you can see from a directory search, which has filters like experience level, specialty area, and cost. Only therapists that fit your criteria will appear, so you can find a good online therapy match.

25. Bliss Online Therapy for Depression

Bliss Online Therapy is different from other providers in that it’s a free, eight-session interactive depression therapy program you can do on your own time.


Overall rating: 7.0

Price: Free

Specialisms: Depression

Live chat?: No

Accepts insurance?: No

Free consultation?: No

Deals: none

Created by the Centre for Interactive Mental Health Solutions, Bliss Online Therapy is completed on your own time and based on cognitive behavioural therapy. It’s designed by psychotherapists to teach effective techniques for supporting mental health.

The secure and anonymous platform gives you practice techniques and quizzes to test your progress and help you move forward in navigating depression. You can contact support but there are not therapists readily available for live chat or video calls.

How To Choose the Right Online Therapy Provider for You

It’s important to find a good match so you can get the most out of online therapy. To choose a therapy provider, you should look for someone who makes you feel comfortable and offers a personal connection. You want a therapist who makes you feel safe and at ease opening up. If there is an initial sense of comfort and connection, and you feel comfortable talking with your therapist about the things that are on your mind, then chances are this could be a good fit.

How To Choose the Right Online Therapy Provider for You
You deserve the right fit with an online therapy provider who
makes you feel comfortable opening up.

Keep in mind that sometimes therapists need to ask tough questions. This is part of the learning and healing process, and your honest answers allow therapists to better understand how to help you. It may be challenging at times, but it’s all part of your journey, and your therapist should be patient and understanding as you dive deeper into your life and what’s affecting you.

You should never feel pressured into staying with a therapist that isn’t the right fit. If you are ready to change therapists, check with the platform/plan to see what your options are. Most should outline the steps to switching and point you in the right direction of finding a new online therapist that makes you feel better.

Benefits of Online Therapy

One of the biggest benefits of online therapy is flexibility. If you’re going through challenges, you may not have the time to drop everything and drive to an in-person therapy appointment in the middle of the day. Online therapy can be done on your schedule, whether it’s first thing in the morning or after work. Online therapists and licensed psychologists are available around the clock on different websites and apps, so you can find what works best for you.

Online Flexible Solutions

Online therapy offers a fast and flexible solution to mental health support.

Also, many people find online therapy to be easier than face-to-face sessions. This may be because you have more control over who you are speaking to and when, so you can prepare yourself while still feeling as comfortable as possible. You can speak with different online therapists to find the right fit, and then dedicate time to going through therapy and expressing your emotions in a healthy way.

Just remember, online therapy is customizable, so you can pick the platform, plan, and therapist that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Online Therapy FAQs

Can I talk to a psychologist online for free?

Yes, there are many online therapy platforms that can connect you to free psychologists and mental health support professionals. 7 Cups and Doctor on Demand are two options for free support services.

How much does online therapy cost?

Online therapy ranges greatly in cost depending on the location, type of services, duration, and insurance. While meeting with a therapist face to face is usually $75-$150 an hour, online therapy is more affordable.

Unlimited messaging plans typically start around $60-$90, and prices go up from there depending on the number of people attending and the overall theme.

How can I sign up for online therapy?

First, identify the key goals of your therapy sessions – do you want to talk to someone about your mental health in general, or speak with a licensed psychologist specializing in a certain area?

Then, using our list of the top 25 online therapy sites, explore some of your options and sign up with your preferred platform to get started.

What can you tell your therapist in online therapy?

It’s important to be as open and honest with your therapist to get the best results. The more they know about the situation, the more they can help you navigate your options. Online therapy is your opportunity to talk about families, relationships, jobs, hobbies, and ambitions.

Can people of all ages access online therapy?

Yes, children, teens, and adults can access online therapy. There are dedicated platforms for different age groups, as well as couples and families. Finding therapists who specialize in a certain age group can make a big difference, especially for at-risk teens who need someone who understands their particular struggles.

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