Available in super compact 4 and 8-inch versions, the Rollbe measuring instrument is a coin-sized tool designed to measure straight lines and curved surfaces. Whether it’s a sectional sofa, a door frame, a piece of wall art, or the inseam of a pant, the Rollbe is a modern-day measuring tape without needing the support of a companion app. The highly versatile device is both metric and imperial compatible and can easily fit into your pocket.

Rollbe’s Intelligent Design Features

Described as “the most compact ruler on the market,” the Rollbe differentiates itself by its intelligent design features. Capable of measuring to a 1/16th of an inch, the super compact version has a circumference of 4 inches and can measure from both the left and right sides. The attached brass handle keeps the device steady in your hand as you roll across even the most complex objects. Designed for both the professional and for everyday use around the house, the $20 Rollbe is a stainless-steel ruler that ensures a consistent measurement every time.

User-Friendly Measurements

So how does the Rollbe work? Users can simply position the start mark at the end of the surface of the object they want to measure. As the Rollbe rolls, the user simply counts the full rotations by following the ‘radius indicator’ located on the face of the ruler. Add the remaining units to the full rotation count gives a precise surface/line measurement. Using the 4-inch compact version, The Work of Mind company gives a perfect example of the Rollbe in action:

“When it passes the number 4 – add the extra inches or fractions of an inch to your measurement. One full circle is equal to 4 inches. Two circles equal 8 inches. Three circles are the same as a foot. Keep rolling and measure.”

Outside of remembering to count rotations and adding the extra inches to your measurement total, the Rollbe does require one additional step when measuring inside corners. Because the Rollbe is round, you have to add the radius or diameter of the ruler to your measurements. Thankfully, the ruler has the radius conveniently located on its ruler face.

Practical Use

The two compact versions measuring 4 inches and 10 centimeters are designed specifically for everyday home use. From redesigning the living room or simply measuring out wall space for the new flat screen TV, the Rollbe is the perfect companion for those who need accurate readings without the frustrations of keeping a measuring tape steady. The best part: after taking in-home measurements just simply stick the device in your pocket and head down to Home Depot to confirm the accuracy before making the final purchase.

Professional Use

The larger 8-inch and 20-centimeter versions are for the designer, carpenter, architect, and fashion designer that need accurate on-the-job measurements before drafting layouts, blueprints, and templates. There is really no job too difficult for the Rollbe since it’s wheel can run across any surface type. It’s really just up to the professional to count the rotations and make some simple adjustments if there is an inside corner to measure.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of fancy digital measuring devices that come with sophisticated apps, but the Rollbe is not one of them. With the Rollbe, you don’t need to worry about opening up a companion app with your smartphone or taking object images before using the device. This is simply an autonomous compact sized, highly versatile, super affordable tool that fits inside your pocket and takes accurate measurements of any object/surface. It does require a bit of human accuracy by counting rotation and adding on additional inches, but with a few Rollbe uses, owners will be capable of capturing accurate measurements without much effort.

Source: Kickstarter