GoSun has developed a truly groundbreaking solar oven. Designed to be portable, durable, and highly versatile, the GoSun Go can heat up to 500 degrees F and cooks most meals in 20-30 minutes. Weighing only 2 lbs (.9 kg), the Go has the ability to steam, bake, roast, and boil all using GoSun’s cutting-edge patented solar technology. If you’re a lover of the outdoors and want an eco-friendly alternative to propane stoves/charcoal grills, this is a great purchase.

Intelligent Design Features

So what makes this one of the most innovative products scheduled to hit the market in April of 2018? Simply put, GoSun’s patented solar technology allows you to cook meals and boil water in overcast conditions. “As long as you have a bit of sun, you’re in business,” the company claims on its Kickstarter campaign. Equipped with cooking technology that absorbs a broad spectrum of radiation, including ultraviolet lights, the Go oven can access sunlight even while hidden behind overcast skies.

“GoSun’s solar vacuum tubes are far more efficient than most solar panels at turning sunlight into heat.”

If you have any concerns about keeping your food hot during the solar cooking process, GoSun’s Go oven has a built-in vacuum tube insulator – keeping the cold out and your food cooked to perfection. That doesn’t mean you can’t handle the exterior of the oven during the cooking process. GoSun engineered a solar oven that is fire-proof – making this the perfect stove for campsites, boats, and outdoor picnics.

Innovative Solar Technology

So how does the GoSun Go solar oven work? There’s really a two-step process to how the oven cooks and it’s rather impressive. GoSun describes the technology as “outer space trapped inside a tube.” In laymen-speak, the Go absorbs sunlight from both direct and diffused sources – making it possible to cook your burgers on a partly cloudy day. Once the sunlight enters the Go stove, it’s harassed by the Go’s compound-parabolic reflectors onto a double-walled tube with a vacuum pulled inside. The super tube then converts the light into heat and traps it inside of the vacuum layer, providing extraordinary insulation. This keeps your food hot and the cold out.

“The GoSun tube’s selective absorbing surface leverages aluminum nitride absorbs 80% of the radiation it hits.”

Whether it’s the GoSun’s insulated lid made from Bakelite plastic, the stainless steel cooking tray, the borosilicate glass vacuum tube, or the Eva molded foam clamshell case, every part of the design process was carefully planned. Don’t let the 2 lbs weight fool you, this a rugged stove designed to battle nature’s unpredictable conditions. Designed to absorb impact, 100% submersible and saltwater tolerant, the GoSun Go solar stove is the perfect stove for the adventurer that loves to rough it. The Go comes with a durable Eva case in case you really want to test its longevity.

Versatile Outdoor Cooker

With already close to $130,000 raised from its Kickstarter campaign, GoSun is poised to disrupt an outdoor industry relying heavily on propane. Durable enough to take anywhere and fully capable of boiling water, the Go solar stove stays hot for hours and can make your morning coffee in about 30 minutes. The Go has a 14 oz/420 ML capacity which translates into one meal or multiple appetizers.

The liquid capacity is 13.5 oz/400 ML. Whether you want to sterilize water, rehydrate your dinner, or seep your afternoon tea, boiling liquids is as seamless as adjusting the Go’s base, removing the detachable cap from the tray handle, and setting it vertically.

“Dirty cooking is a global problem affecting more than 3 billion people, wasting significant amounts of time and money, often to the detriment of endangered forests and the lungs of women and children. By introducing culturally adapted solar cooking technology into emerging markets as a social enterprise, GoSun aims to make a substantial impact in the lives of millions.”

Source: Kickstarter