This watch is for all the swimmers out there as the most exciting feature about the Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch is its water resistance. This makes it an ideal companion for all forms of extreme water sports and deep sea diving.

If you have a lot of Iot compatible or smart devices lying around the house, then this device is sure to be your pick for the day. Via the Samsung Connect app, the Gear Sport can be used to remotely control smart appliances such as lights, door locks and TVs with just the turn of the bezel.

‘Pay on the go’ is another feature that not many smartwatches are equipped with. Samsung has made the Gear Sport compatible with the Samsung Pay NFC app; this can allow you to make a payment from your wrist with just the tap of a few buttons.

But the Gear Sport disappoints when it comes to fitness tracking, and it’s not as accurate as we had hoped. The step tracking during a run is somewhat inconsistent, and the watch also doesn’t display any notification history per app.