Holographic technology makes 3D digital content come alive whether it’s inside a glass tube or suspended in thin air. From a 360-degree viewing angle to physically altering suspended objects, 3D holograms allow users to interact with content in an entirely different way. From a business standpoint, using 3D display technology can seamlessly bridge the gap between your company’s brand and groundbreaking product innovation. 3D hologram devices can give life to your product using the magic of animation while still showcasing the product – making it a true 3D experience. Utilizing holographic projectors is a surefire way to differentiate your company from the competition by engaging your target customer like never before. Whether it’s being used in display advertising, as a digital assistant, or in clinical settings, 3D holograms are integrating themselves into our everyday lives. Here is a list of iReviews’ 2023 Best Holographic Projectors: