It is crucial that you monitor your blood pressure. This is being made easier by the devices currently being introduced. They are designed for you to use from the comfort of your own home. These devices are portable, can be carried around even in your backpack or handbag while on a trip etc. The beauty of these new devices is that they are smart, easier to use and they are digital. 

Danger of High Blood Pressure

Taking care of your health cannot be over emphasised. A high blood pressure or hypertension, coined ‘the silent killer’, more often than not comes with no symptoms or warning signs and it is potentially fatal.

The danger can be reduced by making sure you keep constant tabs on your blood pressure. It is particularly important to monitor your blood pressure if you have conditions that are related to high blood pressure or hypertension, if you are pregnant and have preeclampsia, if you already suffer from high blood pressure, you are currently treating high blood pressure or hypertension, you work in a highly stressful environment, there is a history of high blood pressure in your family etc. Monitoring your blood pressure if you fall under any of the above named conditions is crucial for your overall health and it can be done easily with a portable blood pressure devices.  

Blood Pressure Monitor

When considering getting a blood pressure monitor device, there are some factors you need to keep in mind. Blood pressure monitors come in different variants. In hospital, blood pressure is usually read through a strap attached to our upper arms. For taking our blood pressure readings ourselves, a blood pressure watch may be best. Worn on the wrist, they are portable, smaller and lighter. They are also more comfortable. Although some people claim the upper arm monitor gives more accurate readings, a wrist monitor works well for basic monitoring.

How easy it is to read the results from your blood pressure monitor is another factor which you have to consider. Saying that these devices are portable does not imply that they cannot be complex. There are some monitors which are fairly simple to read and some which are not. It is best to go for one which the setting up is straight forward plus the added advantage of the results been easy to read.

Manual Vs. Automatic Monitors

Devices come in manual or automatic guise. The hospital blood pressure montiors, metioned earlier are generally manual monitors.  The rubber bulb, attached to the end of a long tube which connects the machine and the cuff, has to be pumped to get a reading. Proper training is required to provide an accurate reading. 

The automatic works most times with just a press of a button. There is no special training needed to learn this, just make sure you read up the instructions in the manual.


Do you just want a basic reading of your blood pressure? Well, there are some blood pressure monitor devices that give only the basic readings but there are also others that give you more. More advanced features include a graph of your readings over a time period, give you a time stamp to help pin point the times when your blood pressure is high, making identifying the root cause easier.  Some also connect to your smartphone or tablet.

Another factor to consider is the time taken to take a reading. The time required can vary from 20 seconds or less to over 1 minute. This does not in any way affect the accuracy of your blood pressure results. The only difference is most people would prefer to get their results as quickly as posssible.

Blood pressure monitors are not cheap so be sure to choose one with a decent warranty. The normal warranty period is between 1-3 years. 

After about 3 years any blood pressure monitor will need to be re-calibrated. Some allow the user to re-calibrate otherwise it will need to be sent to the manufacturer.  You should consider this as well as the potential cost before purchasing.  

Monitoring your blood pressure is of utmost importance to your overall health. Undetected high blood pressure is extremely dangerous and earns its moniker as te silent killer.

The introduction of portable blood pressure monitors has allowed everyone to easily keep track of their blood pressure.  These devices are simple and smart.  Take into account the considerations above to find the best quality portable blood pressure monitor for you

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