The racetrack, come to find out, is more than just a spectacle in vehicle acceleration, power, and handling. It’s also a testing ground for state-of-the-art electric motorcycle technology. After a year perfecting its battery capacity, powertrain, and overall design, Victory Motorcycle is returning to the track with its most impressive bike yet: The Victory RR. By entering the grueling Isle of Man TT road race, Victory hopes to regain its spot on the podium after a third place finish in last year’s TT Zero event.

The Isle of Man TT

Alex Hultgren, Director of Marketing for Victory said in a recent press release, “One way we continuously push ourselves with performance is through our Victory Racing initiatives. The Isle of Man TT is one of the most challenging motorcycle races in the world, so of course, we had to be there.”

From the powerful 170 hp engine to its proprietary battery technology, the Victory Racing Team is eager to race its Victory RR. Considered to be one of the most impressive high-performance electric motorcycles engineered by Victory, the 170 hp Parker GVM motor has a peak efficiency topping 97% – so it like going fast and staying there.

Electric Motor Enhancements

“Using the data we gathered on our laps of the TT course has helped us developed a new battery module as well as improving the powertrain,” Team Manager Brian Wismann said. “We feel we can return to the TT with more performance as well as being able to test this technology for our future products.” With an experienced rider at the helm (William Dunlop) and a racing team known for their ability to push the limits of electric vehicle performance, it’s tough not to put your money on Victory Motorcycle.

By partnering with Parker Hannifin to spearhead electric motor enhancements, the Victory RR is now equipped with world-class specific power (power to weight ratio). The motorcycle also houses a brand new battery built from the ground up, thanks to its technical partners at Brammo. This has allowed for more creativity with the chassis – adding a steel trellis frame to the body of the motorcycle. When all said and done, this is an impressive piece of machinery just waiting to be opened up on the racetrack.

“This year with a new machine and new technology behind us, we continue to have high expectations. The biggest difference in the battery itself is an improvement with both the overall energy/capacity we’re carrying on board the bike, as well as marked improvement in the energy density of the battery itself.”

Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Improvements in lithium-ion battery technology has an almost immediate impact on the electric motorcycle racing world. Since Victory built their battery from the ground up, the racing team is certainly interested in how their improvements will stack up against the highly competitive Isle of Man field that includes Kawasaki, BMW, and Suzuki. “As you know lithium-ion technology is improving every year and with the Victory RR, we are leading the way to batteries that will provide more performance, greater range, and less cost in future vehicles,” Wismann said. “with the availability of more battery power, Dunlop will have access to more power from the motor than in 2015.”

The Victory RR Motorcycle’s first practice run at TT Zero is scheduled for Friday, June 3rd.

Source: Return of Isle of Man Press Release