Source: Logitech

If you still think that Logitech is a company that makes office stationery, you haven’t seen what they’re up to now. Logitech has become a major player in the gaming industry. Their latest gaming headset really outshines the competition (and we mean literally). Here’s what you need to know about it.

The Lighting

The number one rule of gaming is “If it doesn’t shine, it doesn’t work.” And Logitech’s headset fits that requirement to a T.

Source: Logitech

The G935 has a bright RGB LED that can change its color whenever you’re bored with the present one. You can use free Logitech Gaming Software to get your headset, mouse, and keyboard to shift colors in sync. If you also have LEDs on your PC, it can be enough for atmospheric night-time gaming.

Wireless with a Bonus

As you would expect from a good gaming headset, the Logitech G935 is wireless. It comes with a USB Bluetooth adapter, so you’ll have no trouble using it remotely. The only drawback is that this feature only works with PCs.

If you want to use the G935 with a console or a mobile phone, Logitech ships a 3.5mm cable together with the headset. You won’t be able to move around as much, but you’ll still be able to enjoy great sound on PS, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch.

Surround Sound

When it comes to sound, the G935 may not be the best headset on the market, but for a product under $200, it’s perfect. Logitech has made some improvements since its last model and the G935 now relies on 50mm drivers instead of 40mm ones. That made it possible to achieve more vibrant bass sound.

The headset also supports DTS 7.1 Channel with virtual surround sound which puts you in the epicenter of the action. Of course, it’s not Dolby, but it gets the job done just as well.

So well, in fact, that you can hear your enemies coming before you can see them. If you play your favorite Battle Royale in the G935, you’ll be able to experience that first hand and counteract prior to being spotted.

Room for Personalization

While the Logitech G935 is a rather good product in and of itself, it can be even better when it is customized to fit your needs.

You can tune the LED lights and the headphones themselves. They’re malleable enough to fit any head, even the biggest one. There are three buttons on the headphones that you can bind to serve any function, including music streaming and gaming.

The Mic is Okay

While it’s not perfect, the headset’s microphone is rather decent. When not in use, it can be put back in the headphones so it doesn’t catch on things. The mic catches a bit of breathing, but it’s subtle and doesn’t distract from your voice. It also makes the voice sound clear, without any mechanical notes.

It’s not great, not terrible, but okay. It won’t double up as the microphone to record you singing, but it covers your gaming needs just fine.

Great for Streaming

All these factors make the Logitech G935 perfect for streaming. You won’t see the glow of its LEDs, but your subscribers will. If you’re into streaming for a small audience on Twitch, this headset can be a perfect choice for you. Paired with Logitech mouse and keyboard, it will create the mood you want for your stream and improve the lighting of the set.

With the Logitech G935 set up on your favorite color palette, you can get custom writers to do your college work for you, and stream all night. If you’re not into that, the G935 will be a good gaming headset.

The Downsides

The Logitech G935 isn’t a miracle for its price. The first downside is battery life. The G935 only holds a charge for up to 10 hours, and a bit more if you disable the LED lighting. On the one hand, it’s decent battery life, and you probably won’t be gaming for over 10 hours at a time. On the other hand, constantly charging your headset is a pain, and competitors have batteries that last for 30 hours on one charge.

If you want a gaming headset that will last a long time, the G935 is probably not for you. It’s also not the right choice if you’re going to use the headset in noisy environments. The G935 has terrible noise cancelation, so you might want to use them in a silent room.

Since this headset is designed to fit tightly around your ear and made of eco-leather, it’s going to make you sweat more than usual.

Should You Buy the Logitech G935?

The answer to that question depends mostly on your needs. If you want a headset for mostly solo gaming, it will be just a thing for you. It can be a decent choice for a beginner streamer, too.

If you need a longer battery life or better noise cancelation, you should focus on the alternatives. Read other reviews on our website to find a headset that meets all your requirements.